The 21 Day Challenge that hooks the looks & seals the deals

Do you wish you had more confidence in how you look, sound or the image your project? Tired of walking in the room & feeling invisible or shying away from the spotlight because you don’t feel good enough? Do you feel exhausted having meaningless conversations that go nowhere & end up making little connections?

Join me in this great first impression challenge and learn the key ingredients to effortlessly attract the career, success and love you deserve with an Outside In Makeover.

...And right before the holidays!!!

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What Is The Outside In Makeover?

Unlike traditional makeovers that only focus on physical appearances, the Outside In Makeover is about creating holistic changes.

Kim will guide you by giving you practical tools you need to develop a new image that will build confidence and strengthen you emotionally, mentally and physically.

What You'll Learn

What your wardrobe & body language says about you

Tips to create a stylish & powerful image

How to communicate a confident body language & charismatic presence

Learn skills so that you create intrigue & connection everywhere you go

Insider tips in creating a capturing first impression both off & online

What You’re Going To Get

Access to our exclusive First Impression Challenge Facebook group

Daily Challenges & mini-trainings

Downloadable worksheets & printables to help you organize the process & get results

Personal interaction, motivation, & feedback throughout the challenge

Live coaching hot seat sessions


What People Are Saying

My transformation happened through the elegant eye of Kimberly Seltzer. With Kim's graceful guidance, she gave me the confidence and understanding to create a wardrobe for 'this day and age.'

~ Robin

A big lesson about what's possible when I show up rather then hide. I feel like something big has shifted in me, I'm letting go of my fears and I'm going to be okay with this dating thing. As the saying goes, "when the student is ready the teacher shows up."

It's hysterical the response I'm getting from both women and men! People at work keep telling me how much they like my new look...I think it's the whole package and my new found confidence. Seriously, I can't thank you enough. You are a master! Whew! Thank you so much!

~ Helen

Thank you so so much Kim. I had SUCH an amazing experience with you. Thank you for walking with me.

I had no idea I could look this pretty.

The first step in knowing I deserve better is to see myself as better.

~ Julie

Kim really helped me to break thru some major obstacles. When I woke up on Saturday I could see clearly a chain of events where I made an unconscious choice to shut down my sexuality. I had so many aha moments as Kim and I spoke and I realized that I actually was hiding behind my clothes. I also had a limited belief that If I looked beautiful I would not be accepted by other women. Next morning I cried and let that belief go. I felt so much lighter! I had a courage to write my dating profile and do my photoshoot! Thank you Kim for bringing so much clarity to me!

Kim helped me learn how to dress for my body type, how to improve my overall look, and why it's important to have a great first impression. I have so much more confidence when I feel and look great.

~ Anya


After just 21 days, you’ll have unstoppable confidence, personal style and magnetism that will draw people to you no matter where you go!


Virtual Makeover + FREE 21 Day Challenge to Rock Out a Great First Impression

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The 21 Day Challenge that hooks the looks & seals the deals

Virtual Makeover + FREE 21 Day Challenge to Rock Out a Great First Impression

Virtual Makeover—what's included

With this recorded video chat, you will receive a live image makeover with Kimberly.This is a laser-focused one-hour session where you will get a complete image and closet assessment along with shopping links, style tips and a body analysis to ensure that you choose the best clothing options for both your dates and all aspects of your life.

One Hour Interactive Session Will Help You...

  • Learn what looks good on your body and what colors work for you
  • Obtain a closet assessment
  • Start thinking about your personal style
  • Discover what first impressions you're conveying
  • Fine-tune your brand
  • Develop future image goals, including a shopping plan and clothing recommendations

YES, Kim I want both the Virtual Makeover + FREE 21 Day Challenge to Rock Out a Great First Impression.

I ONLY want to join the 21 Day Challenge to Rock Out a Great First Impression.